Eldermark Exchange Health Information Exchange

Power your future with fast data access.

Eldermark ExchangeTM makes obtaining Health Information Exchange data fast, secure, and simple. The interface is as simple and familiar as online banking, making technology adoption easy.

This revolutionary Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution will vastly improve the accuracy, collection and analysis of evidenced-based outcome measurements required by Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), hospitals and other third-party payers.

Unique record locator
Each resident is assigned a unique alphanumeric code, allowing health care professionals to quickly and easily find their health history.

Powerful search
Health care professionals can search an entire resident’s documented health history for specific information.

Document retrieval
Needed documents may be downloaded efficiently to treat residents.

Document upload
Documents may be uploaded and shared between health care providers.

Meet Hope

Eldermark Exchange is elevating resident care

After moving to a new community Hope finds new friends, support, and a health care team that is connected and ready to care.

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